Edit Project Settings

Some simple setting you need to update


Locate the Project that you would like to update. Either by the Project list view or via the Global Search.


Once you are inside the project you can click on the Settings menu item on the far right of the horizontal menu.


Update any of the details that you need to:

Project details:


This is the Company that the Project is assigned to. This will also be the company that any Quote or Invoice will default to when created. You can change the Company but just remember that any previously created Quote, Invoice or Expenses will not change the Company they are assigned to.

Project Name

This is any name that you would like to call your project. It will also be the Default Title for any Quote, Invoice or Expense when first created.

Managed by

This is the User assigned to the Project. It's usually the manager or anyone who is responsible for ensuring the project gets done. This is also used to filter your Projects on the Project list view.

Default Project

This is the Project that any down list for Projects default to.

e.g. when you are allocating transaction in the Bank Import, this saves you having to select a particular project each time.

Note that this is account wide so it will change the default project for everyone...just so you know.

Project OPEN

This allows you to set the Project status to either Open or Closed.

If you would like to close a project then uncheck this Box.

Sample CSV File