Here’s an example of how a business may use Beeswax
A new or existing client needs to get something done.

Create a New Project

Create a New Project and enter any notes gathered from your meeting or that might have been sent to you via email and centrally store them for everyone to access.

Prepare a Quote

One of the first things you are likely to do after creating the Project is prepare a Quote or two.

Preview &
Send a Quote

You can preview your Quote at any time to see how it's going to look when you send it. Once you're happy with it you can send it to your client via email as a PDF attachment.
A copy of the PDF gets saved under your Project along with the message you sent with the email.

Mark Quote
as Approved

When your Client approves one of your Quotes you can mark it approved so your Team is on the same page. You'll also be able to track your Project's progress against this quote.

Create Tasks & Milestones from Quotes

Generate any Tasks that need to be actioned directly from your Quote Line Items. Your Line Item Groups can also be made into Milestones.

No need to re-enter or even copy and paste details from one system to another…everything flows easily from Quote to actionable Tasks.

Never miss a Milestone

Your Dashboard gives you a visual check on any upcoming Milestones as well as any associated Tasks so you'll see if there is a possibility you might miss a deadline.

Manage Tasks

Control who does what and when via the Task manager. Simply put the Tasks in the order they should be done.

Take Control of
Project Expenses

You can add Expenses (AKA Purchase Orders)
under your Project to track external costs.

Check progress

View the Project Snapshot to see how your
Project is tracking from a financial perspective.
Think of it like a mini Project P&L.

Invoice your Project

Once you’re done you can Invoice the Project. Yah!
Do this directly from your approved Quote or you can create an Invoice from time logged against completed Tasks. It’s up to you.

See what’s Outstanding

Keep track of all Outstanding Invoices in the Who Owes Me report. Payments applied to Invoices are updated immediately. So everyone sees it in real time. No more waiting for systems to sync.

Approve Payments

Beeswax gives you a workflow for managing which Expenses get paid and when they get paid. Great for managing cash flow.

Reconcile your Bank Accounts

One of the most important accounting
activities every business needs to do.

Not only is it super simple to do in Beeswax but you'll get all the real time goodness that comes from doing it in Beeswax.

And, if something isn't right or perhaps
changes at any stage, you'll see that change.

Oh, and one last thing

Tax Reports

Yep! Prepare your TAX, VAT, BAS, GST
(whatever you call it in your region)
without ever leaving Beeswax.