Another project app! Really?

Developed by those at the coal face with realworld experience managing the two most difficult things of all...people and money. Beeswax focuses on providing a framework. . .an opinionated way of working that strikes a careful balance between overly ridged systems that get in the way and chaotic fluid nature of the creative process.

Features you'll actually use and nothing more.


We call them Quotes but you might know them as Estimates or Proposals.
A spade's a spade under any other name.

Regardless of what you call them, Beeswax makes it super simple to create Quotes that will not only impress your clients but will save you heaps of time.
You can save them as templates of course...that's a given, but more importantly, you can create Tasks directly from  your Quotes.

Create Tasks

Create Tasks directly from a Quote. No more copying and pasting or re-entering information you’ve already spent time preparing. We call it the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) approach.
A well-prepared Quote should already be broken down into specific actionable tasks.  Why do all that work twice!


Milestones can be link any number of relvant tasks. This way you can see at a glance what’s coming up and if you’re in danger of missing a milestone based on all the associated Tasks.

Manage Tasks

Tasks are where the work gets done. It’s where Users spend most of their time. Just like many things in Beeswax, Tasks have been designed to address the challenges that most small businesses face each and every day...It’s the Beeswax way.


Manage all your Expenses under each Project with ease. Your Managers or Admin staff will be able to see what has or has not been PAID. Upload Supplier Invoices and attach to each Expense. You’ll never need to ask for a copy of that supplier invoice again.


You can create an Invoice directly from an existing Quote or create an Invoice from Time logged. It’s up to you. Then either send a PDF via email or print it out and send it old school…snail mail!

You can select from a number of different themes for your Quotes and Invoices. There’s one to suit every business. Plus you can choose the level of detail you wish to show on your invoices. Sometimes less is better.


Wish you had more visibility over your entire business. The Dashboard gives you that helicopter view.
See what everyone is working on (or not working on).
Know immediately if there are Invoices overdue and see what Milestones are coming up.


Schedule a recurring Invoice or Expense. Have it sent to your client by email automatically each month… or any other time you choose.


Keep important relevant information for your projects in one place.


Invoice or Quotation templates allow you to save those documents that you tend to use often and that only require a tweak here and there.

Group Items

Create impressive Quotes and Invoices with Grouped sections. This feature allows for better presentation of complex Quotes and Invoices.

More features than you can poke a stick at!

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