Bulk Create Tasks & Milestones

Create a whole lot of Tasks & Milestones from a quote

Create Tasks & Milestones from a Quote

Beeswax gives you the unique ability to generate Milestones and associated Tasks directly from a Quote.

You can save time by creating Milestones directly from your Quote's Groups and their Line Items. The Groups can be turned into Milestones while the Line Items within this Group can be turned into the Milestone's associated Tasks.

You'll find this really streamlines things as it eliminates much of the need to re-enter or copy and paste a lot of information that you probably have already included in your Quote. Plus you get the ability to allocate specific amounts of time that you would to specify for each Task. It may or may not be the entire amount of time quoted. You can of course drip feed your allocated time. You can create Tasks and Milestones as many times as you need to. And you can monitor the Project progress at any time on the Snap Shot view.

Once you start preparing your Quotes with a view to turn them into actionable and measurable Tasks you will not only benefit from much better and more accurate quotes but also streamline much of the administrative overhead that goes into thinking about, creating and managing Tasks and Milestones.

This unique process of preparing a Tasks directly from a Quote in the Beeswax way

See the Beeswax Way for more information about preparing quotes.

This is just another way Beeswax implements the DRY principle. This allows you avoid retyping or copying and pasting information into a Task twice. Sure it takes time to prepare Quotes in this way but if you adopted this approach it will save huge amounts of time in the long run. Prepare Templates further reduce the work needed each time you Quote and run a Project.

Of course creating Milestones and Tasks this way does require your Quotes to be prepared in such a way that adheres to this approach.

with a view to breaking down a Project into actionable Tasks and Phases. Approaching projects in this way help ensure you allow for every part of a project forces you to think about every step of the way in terms of getting something done.

Each Group within a Quote allows you to add multiple Line Items, each of which can become a Task with the Group being the Milestone.


When in a Quote, click on the Create Tasks Icon in the sub-menu as shown below.


This will take you to a screen where you can do the following important things:

  1. Select which Line Items you would like to turn into Tasks
  2. Specific the User to whom the Task should be allocated to
  3. Create a new Milestone where the Group Title becomes you Milestone Title
  4. Edit the details of each of the Line Items assuming you need to add more information that wasn’t included in the original Quote Line Item.
  5. Specific the amount of time that you would like to allocate for each Task. This may or may not be the full quantity quoted.
Often you don’t want to allocate the entire Quoted amount of time to a Task. Sometimes you may have over Quoted to cover yourself. Or you may just wish to drip feed the amount to time in order to allow for overages down the track should the same Task require more work later on. Or perhaps you know that it should take less time to complete the Task than what was Quoted because the accepted commercial value is much higher than the time to you know your team can execute the specific Task. For instance, you may have developed special IP or certain processes that allows you to get certain things done faster than your industry peers. Well done. Or you might just have a super employee that is known to get through things faster than what is normally humanly possible (hang on to that person whatever you do). Anyway, it’s up to you how you would like to allocate the time.


Once you’re done allocating the various Milestones and Task you can then click on the Create Tasks button at the bottom of the screen. Remember you may have to scroll down to get to it.

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