Here are just some of the core features of Beeswax


Projects form the foundation of Beeswax. Just as you would expect, you can create Quotes, Invoices and track Tasks, Time and Expenses within a Project.


Create and manage Tasks for everyone in the business. Allocate Time to a task and track it’s progress. And of course you can then generate Invoices from completed Tasks.


Bank Account reconciliation is a tiresome activity…but entirely necessary! Beeswax allows you to reconcile your Bank Statements with ease and we think you’ll like our approach.


Beautiful Quotes. Easy for you to create and even easier for your’re clients to understand. Create Tasks directly from your Quote.


Generate Invoices from your Quotes or from Time logged. Then simply send them to your client as a PDF.


Create and Track Expenses for your Projects and your Business. You can even bulk import them from your Bank or Credit Card Account.


Driven mad by client deadlines. Manage them with Milestones. Associate one or many Tasks to Milestones and get alerts as the deadlines approach.


Reporting is a key part of running any business and Beeswax gives you the one you need and nothing you don’t.

Global Search

Looking for something? Beeswax uses Elasticsearch for speed and simplicity. Search for just about anything quickly from the side bar.


Templates allow you to create standard Quotes or Invoices from which to build on. Let’s face it, most of the time you end up using the same quote time and time again.


Attach all related files to your Projects and Tasks. Share them with your team. No more digging around through shared drives for that file!

Time Logging

Of course you can log time against a Task but we take a more streamlined, disciplined approach with the “Beeswax way”.


Think of Items as Services you sell or things you buy. You might have different rates for different services. Just like you rate card.

User Roles

Beeswax allows you to assign a Role to Users each with permission to access the things that they need nothing more. Simple but effective

Project Activity

"Did someone already send that Quote off?"...eliminate questions like these. See all important audited activity right on your Project Activity timeline.

Bank Import

Keep notes on your Projects, Companies and People. Keeping notes in a central place makes life easier for everyone.

Schedule Invoices

Have regular retainer based Invoices that you need to send every month? Too easy...schedule these so you never have to worry about doing it manually again.